Upcoming Webinar – Mindfulness for Students on 10th October, 2020(5.30 PM Singapore time)


According to research done by Mindfulness Schools, over 80% of students reported imp roved focus after a mindfulness session. Being 10th and 12th grade tutors in Singapore, we understand how heavily stress affects our students. This is why we have pioneered the practice of mindfulness before every tuition session with our students.
To help your children prepare stress-free for their exams, we have organized a FREE webinar on Mindfulness for Students in collaboration with Dr. Yew Thong, a practicing Mindfulness Instructor with Masters in Counseling from Swinburne University, Melbourne. Dr. Thong will discuss effective mindfulness strategies to manage stress, give a mindfulness demo, and answer your questions. The webinar is scheduled for 5.30pm on 10th October 2020. Seats are limited so please book your spot by messaging us here or whatsapp us at 98289286 /81893649